CCA Registration 2018

24 Jan 2018

Dear Sec 1s,

Please note the following important pointers:

1 The Sec 1 CCA allocation results will be released after school today. Your Subject Teacher at period 9 will flash the results on the projector before passing the class chairperson the hardcopy to pin up at the back of the class notice board.
2 CCA training will start on 25th January (Thursday) and onwards. Please refer to the CCA training schedule (as attached) or speak to your respective CCA Teachers IC for more information.
3 It is compulsory to attend the CCA training sessions that you are allocated to from 25 January to 14 February (3 weeks period), even if you are considering an appeal. Please do not join other CCAs for training as they cannot accept you for their trainings.
4 The CCA appeal window will open from 19 to 20 February and will only be considered on a case-by-case basis, based on valid grounds
5 All appeal application must be made strictly on 19 / 20 Feb and only through the hardcopy appeal letter which will be made available from the PE office starting from 19 Feb. You are advised to attend your allocated CCA with a growth mindset and open heart to learn as much as you can in the 3 weeks period.
6 Wishing you all the best in your CCA journey ahead. Thank you!
  Thank you.
Mr Lee Lis King

This is the CCA Registration Portal for Sec One KCPians to submit their CCA Choices.

You may refer to User Guide under the attachment (Below) on how to register your choices.

Registration Period: 5 Jan (Fri), 12:00pm to 20 Jan (Sat) 02:00pm.

Each student has 5 choices and you must choose at least 1 CCA from each of the FOUR Categories.
Daily News (as of 19 Jan 6pm):
Daily Updates on issuance of Talent ID letter from each CCA
Talent ID letters given out to all? (Yes/No)
Choice # 1 - Choir
Choice # 2 - Band
Choice # 3 - NCDCC
Choice # 4 - Photography Club
Choice # 5 - Basketball
Choir - No
Band - Yes
Dance - Yes
Drama - Yes
Guzheng - Yes
Infocomm - Yes
Art Club - Yes
Photography - Yes
Robotic - Yes
Table Tennis (Boys) - Yes
Table Tennis (Girls) - Yes
Swimming (Boys) - No
Swimming (Girls) - No
Shooting (Boys) - Yes
Shooting (Girls) - Yes
Netball - No
Football - No
Badminton - Yes
Basketball - Yes
Volleyball - No
Girl Guides - No
Boys Brigade - Yes
Girls Brigade - Yes
Physical Sports Uniformed Groups Performing Arts Clubs & Societies
Netball (Girls) Girl Guides (Girls) Band Infocomm Club
Football (Boys) NPCC Choir Photography
Basketball (Boys) NCDCC Dance Robotics
Badminton (Boys) Boys' Brigade (Boys) Drama Art Club
Table Tennis Girls' Brigade (Girls) Guzheng  
Volleyball (Boys)      

If you choose not to exercise this option by the given deadline, the school understands that you are comfortable with any CCA assigned to you.

All successful submission will be listed on your "Status tab".

You are reminded to submit the hardcopy CCA option form that you need to print out after submitting your choice in the portal. The hardcopy option form must be signed by your parent and to be submitted to your form teachers on 22 Jan (Mon).

The Username and Password can be found in the letter distributed to all Sec 1 on 5 Jan during the CCA Orientation. You are required to change user password and enter your eMail upon FIRST login.

For further Assistance, please email to

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